Facts on access and continuing your education


There are a vast range of reasons why continuing education is very important.

These can include things for example like earning more money, having a different lifestyle, unable to afford more holidays, provide a better life for your children and family, supporting elderly parents, by flash cars and nice houses and so on.

Some key points are as follows


Be highly qualified. – While this is true that not every job requires a degree, many employers are looking for the most highly qualified candidates for the position so why not be that individual.


Make a better salary-in the median, over a full lifetime of earnings, graduates from the University in almost £1 million more than their non-qualified school leavers counterparts. This is clearly a very strong reason to continue your education.


To demonstrate your success– many jobs in the modern work environment are very sophisticated and actually require training and qualifications to be able to perform them. This means that employers are therefore expecting more from their employees with regards to the skill complexity of the roles they can undertake and also how specialised that individual is.

To gain the competitive edge– because more people are continuing with their education, the competition for well-paid professional jobs has increased and will continue to increase. If you can combine relevant experience and high the certified education this shows to potential employers your motivation and also your drive to succeed.

To help secure your future– indeed people that are highly educated usually have much better job security, because they are generally invaluable to their employers. Any qualifications you are now will stay with you for the rest of your life, so think for the bigger picture when you are considering your future in education. Qualifications are a key to better jobs more money and more freedom as a result during your lifetime.

For a better lifestyle -it may be that are seething at your current job is restraining you, this means that a degree or if higher education qualification can help get you through that barrier and separate you from the other people in the organisation or who are performing similar roles. Being more qualified than your counterparts is the ticket to landing management roles and setting yourself head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

To gain some confidence -experiences gained at university and in higher education can provide very useful exposure to a large variety of different topics and thought leaders that can eventually assist you with expanding your capabilities and your roundness as an employee.

To improve your local contacts and social networks -universities are one big club essentially, this means you can network with like-minded people, join events and clubs that suit your skill set, potentially meet future business partners or even employers. A solid university education is a foundation for life, much as people who’ve been in the military and served their country have built a very solid foundation for their future, going to university can do similar things for you in an academic capacity.

Build your discipline -those individuals that are highly qualified and have higher levels of education on their CV are much more focused and generally get things done in an efficient manner. This is precisely what most employers are looking for, and employers now that having been to university, studied hard and gained further education qualification that you have the commitment and focus to help them achieve their business objectives.

To improve your business network -it is very wise to take advantage of your further education universities relationships with businesses and other thought leaders in the real world of business. You may end up getting a placement at the University while doing your course there, which very often leads to full-time employment if you impress the employer and both of you gel.



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